The Team

Garry Miller Jr ( The Founder )

Is the owner of the Baby Tyson Construction, INC. He originally established the company in 2018. While currently trying out for the National Football League and Canadian Football League Founder Image, he is still able to put his company as his first priority. He has been blessed with an amazing team who have been a huge part of growing his company.

Garry Miller Jr’s short period of time at Santa Monica College & UCLA, majoring in engineer science, along with having 6 years of experience in the construction field, has given him the tools to start his own company and begin his own formula. He is able to provide incredible customer service and satisfaction. Customers know him for his extreme kindness, respectfulness, charismatic personality, and his willingness to go above and beyond to be helpful. He named his company Baby Tyson Construction due to his boxing background as a kid. One of the most significant people in his life is his boxing coach Michael Charles, gave him the name originally. He was a mentor and father figure in his life. He also gave Garry Miller Jr the nickname Baby Tyson because of his similar fighting style and KO power to the great Mike Tyson.

Garry Miller Jr
Pauly Gray
Pauly Gray ( General Contractor )

His specialties are flooring, framing, carpentry, and drywall work.

Roger herz ( General Contractor )

His specialties are electrical, plumbing, painting, bathroom & kitchen remodels.

Roger herz
Mario Gariobay
Mario Gariobay ( General Contractor )

He specializes in carpentry/ concrete framing, framing/metal framing, building development, assembling, trussing, foundations, exterior sheeting, stucco, electrical, plumbing/draining, drywall, insulation, texture/paint, wainscoting, crown moldings, and all flooring.

Saud Muburak ( Handyman )

He is a very skilled handyman, who specializes in Flooring, Painting, Electrical, Drywall, and General Handyman repairs.

Saud Muburak
Jose Sanchez
Jose Sanchez ( Handyman )

He specializes in Demolition, Flooring, Painting, and masonry work

Iris Garcia ( Bookkeeper and Accountant )

Iris Garcia
Team Image
Mohammed ( Construction Estimator )

He estimates the cost of a construction project before that project begins. He examines the blueprints, material & labor costs, and send out the total estimates directly to the customer.

Blaze Stow ( Social Media, Marketing and Advertising )

He does all the social media, marketing, and advertising to the company.

Blaze Stow
Jose Sanchez
Brittany Curry ( Electrical Work )

She specializes in electrical work.

Lilly Huerta ( Project Manager )

She is the project manager.

Iris Garcia
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